Gifts can be aquired from Gift Shop. As you level up the city, the amount of gifts avaliable increases. Gifts can be given to the heroines during certain Bonding Events

Standard Gifts
Item Name Cost Fuuko Ellie Narika Chloe Serina Torri Feene
Fancy Pillow 1,000
Dry Fruit Tart 500
Carrot Cookie 1,000
Rose Bouquet 3,000
Cup Curry 500
Knife Set 2,000
Stuffed Kitten 2,000
Stuffed Sheep 2,000
Pig and Turtle 1,500
Gilimanjaro Beans 1,000
Scary Stories 1,000
World Cookbook 1,000
Gorgeous Broom 3,000
Trainer's Whip 2,000
Confidence Charm 1,500
Aromatic Soap 1,500
Natural Salts 2,000
Marble Candy 1,000
Premium Herbal Tea 1,500
Aterra Eye 1,500
Old Crystal Ball
Earplugs 1,500
Fluffy Lingerie 2,000
Sheer Lingerie
Gorgeous Lingerie
Spice Set 2,500
Hors D'oeuvres Set 500
128-Colour Crayons 1,000
Angel Feather Pen
Sushi Kit 2,000
Magic Hand
Athletic Shoes
Still Camera
Dancing Shoes
Rainbow Ring
World Map 2,000
Ghost Plant
Monster Figurine
Insect Guide 2,000
Magic Chat Guide
Breats or Bust! 2,000
Human Pretzel
Alarm Clock 1,000
High Tech Pointer
Travel Mouth
Rhiod's Handbook
Aquarium 3,000
Studs of Aterra
Dolphin Goggles
Healing Set
Type Item Name Cost Fuuko Ellie Narika Chloe Serina Torri Feene
Head Striped Ribbon 2,000
Head Butterfly Ribbon 3,000
Head Military Bert 2,500
Head Ram's Horns
Head Tiara 5,500
Head Stylish Crown 6,000
Head Tama-kanzashi 3,000
Earrings Cute Earrings
Earrings Elegant Earrings 3,000
Earrings Diamond Earrings
Earrings Magical Earrings 5,000
Earrings Feather Earmuffs
Earrings Headset 5,000
Other Embossed Brooch
Other Jeweled Brooch
Other Flower Brooch 3,000
Other Star Brooch
Other Camera Badge
Other Witch Pins
Other Animal Badge 3,000
Other Angel Wing 8,000
Other Demon Wings 5,000
Earrings Animal Earrings 3,000
Earrings Gold Earrings
Earrings Flashy Earrings 3,000
Earrings Silver Earrings 3,000
Eyes Persona Mask
Eyes Ether Visor 10,000
Eyes Monocle
Eyes Fashion Glasses 3,000
Eyes Thin Glasses 2,000
Eyes Clear Glasses 4,000
Head Magical Hat
Head Myserious Plume 5,000
Head Kitty Ears 7,000
Head Angel Halo
Head Demon Horns
Head Mana's Ears
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