The Battle System. Notice how the menu for battling is green-playstation-whilst the menu is blue on 3ds

During the DEMO, you will be given a walkthrough of how to battle in the game. The game's battle system is very similar to the prequel, Conception: please have my child['s ] gameplay.

For the 3ds, (as prior to the guidance from the DEMO) since God's Gift's powers include creating a natural release of Ether, it makes it possible for him to fight the monsters in the dungeons. In battling, this is shown by how your battle formation works. You have to select beforehand three star children teams (three in each team) and God's Gift accompanying one of the Heroines. So in total, four teams.

Conception II 7

The orange arrow indicates the enemies weak point.

The blue arrow shows a weak/normal attack whilst when moving (seen by the green bars the characters stand on) can show which area you can move on and if the arrow becomes orange, this indicated the enemies weak point. Through proper analysis of enemy, you can also find out its weak spot. Usually, there is more than one enemy to attack and these enemies will later appear on screen and the teams can induvidually be set out to attack these induvidual monsters. 

As seen by the top left bar, showing the action menu, you can choose what what in which you want to battle.
Conception II Vita 03

The battle menu on the 3ds (blue) and the playstation (green)

Screen Shot 2016-02-20 at 20.10.36

Action menu list

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