Kanji ウェイク
Rōmaji Weiku
レース 人間
年齢 17
Professional Status
Affiliation The Academy
Occupation Disciple
Personal Status
Status 生きている
Relatives お姉さん, 母
Element None
Weapon Twin Swords
Japanese Voice Toshiyuki Toyonaga
English Voice Sam Riegel
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ああ、オレは… 魔物をせん滅するために、ここに来たんだ。

ウェイク・アーガス (デフォルト名) は 主人公 の CONCEPTION II. 魔法世界「アナザーテラ」を舞台に,主人公は星の力を使う源となる「エーテル」を生み出せる唯一の存在「マレビト」であるという設定。戦闘時には特殊な双剣を操るため「エーテルアーカイバー」を身につける。


彼は持っている 銀色髪 ならびに 青 アイズ。 彼 着る 「アナザーテラ学園」 ユニホーム。 しかしながら, 似気無い その他 Sランク 弟子, 彼 ユニホーム 持っている ピンク。 彼 着る「戦いの衣装」魔物を倒すことができるのは。


詰まる所, 事による 対話 であろう 頼る 人柄. However most of the heroines have commented that he is a kind and dense person-as suggested by bond events when affection is raised for giving more 'dense' answers. He is also prone to being composed although he holds a grudge against monsters and has a strong passion for eliminating them. It could be as well he has a dry sort of humour as he can coldly joke joke to Chlotz. Another way of evidence of how dense he is, is that he can theorise a suggestion to what the Heroine; or another character may be suggesting and be wrong even if it may be already obvious.

履歴 編集

Spoiler warning!

God's Gift lived in Gazel village which apparently was close by to Shelgard as God's Gift ran errands there. One day when he was running errands, he found a girl bleeding in a sandbox. He held onto her, and begged her not to die but she didn't survive-or so he thought. This girl had too much star energy to handle and it began to cause her death but his ether-even at a young age-prevented the death.

From the main event: On the day of his sisters wedding, dusk monsters suddenly appeared and attacked. In efforts to save him, his older sister shielded him and died in the progress. At some time afterwards, he moved to Aterra by boat and met Fuuko and Chlotz, saving them from dusk monsters. Moved by his actions, they wanted to follow by his example.




武器:双剣(Twin Sword)


  • Wirhin the game, he is frequently referred to God's Gift or G.G. To some degree, he was referred to the original God's Gift due to Alec being called 'second God's Gift'. 
  • His default name is Wake Archus however it can be changed randomly or by choice of a new name.
  • Being God's Gift, his element can change depending on heroine or weapon. It's possible to equip a weapon containing the light element; although teaming up with a heorine will cause the defense/attack element to change.
  • When star children are given independence; they can sometimes give gifts. When they do, their hair colour changes to silver. It's unknown as to why.


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