Dreamitec Dreamitec 2017年10月1日 (日)

Important changes to this wikia

Hello everyone! 

Since this wikia has long been abandoned, I've taken it into my hands to make changes to this wikia. I plan on adopting this wikia some point from now and sometime in the future. (Due to how adopting wikis works...)

I've mainly been an inactive editor on this wikia, due to the main fact that I am more active on this wikia's other wikis, such as the main conception 2 wiki and the German wiki. I've even been working on an Italian wiki for Conception 2. However, since I'm mostly inactive, I've decided to change my original plans for this wiki. My original plan was for this wiki to serve as a way to help other players by giving tips and advice, as these sort of pages already existed. However, after some time on working on other w…